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Audi Recalls

Vehicle manufacturers issue official Audi recall notices to inform car owners of problems and/or defects that have been brought to the manufacturer's attention. An automotive recall requires the manufacturer to send an official notice to owners of the vehicles found to be defective once the NHTSA deems the problem to be wide spread and an official Audi recall. Choose an option below to view any Audi automobile recalls for your vehicle.

  Audi Recalls by Model

Audi 100 Recalls
Audi 200 Recalls
Audi 4000 Recalls
Audi 5000 Recalls
Audi 80 Recalls
Audi 90 Recalls
Audi A3 Recalls
Audi A4 Recalls
Audi A5 Recalls
Audi A6 Recalls
Audi A7 Recalls
Audi A8 Recalls
Audi Allroad Recalls
Audi Cabriolet Recalls
Audi Coupe Recalls
Audi Q5 Recalls
Audi Q7 Recalls
Audi Quattro Recalls
Audi R8 Recalls
Audi S4 Recalls
Audi S5 Recalls
Audi S6 Recalls
Audi S7 Recalls
Audi S8 Recalls
Audi TT Recalls

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